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Sound Operator – Male Only

Full Job Description
Job Brief
As a Sound Operator, you will be responsible for ensuring high-quality audio and sound
reinforcement during various live events, sessions, seminars, programs, recordings, or

1. Set up and operate audio equipment, including microphones, soundboards, amplifiers,
speakers, and other audio devices.
2. Collaborate with the production team, and speaker to understand sound requirements
and technical specifications for each event.
3. Conduct sound checks before events to ensure proper functioning of equipment and
optimal audio quality.
4. Monitor and adjust sound levels during live events, recordings, or performances to
maintain consistent and clear audio output.
5. Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to sound equipment or audio signals
as they arise.
6. Coordinate with other technical staff, such as lighting operators, LED wall venders and
stage managers, to synchronize sound and ensure a smooth overall production.
7. Record and archive audio files as needed for post-production or documentation
8. Maintain and organize sound equipment to ensure its proper functionality and
9. Stay updated with the latest audio technologies, trends, and techniques to continually
improve sound production capabilities.

Experience and Qualifications:
1. Proven experience as a Sound Operator or in a related role in the audio production field.
2. Proficiency in operating various audio equipment, including mixing consoles,
microphones, speakers, and amplifiers.
3. Sound knowledge of sound reinforcement principles, audio signal flow, and acoustics.
4. Ability to work in high-pressure environments and handle multiple tasks during live
events or performances.
5. Strong attention to detail and a good ear for sound quality and balance.
6. Excellent communication and teamwork skills to collaborate effectively with the
production team and performers.
7. Technical problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and address audio equipment issues
8. Flexibility to work irregular hours and adapt to changing event schedules.

Job Type:
1. Full time.

1. Paid sick time

1. Day shift

1. Minimum three years of experience as a corporate event sound operator.

1. For office purpose travelling is mandatory for every event, program, session, and

Language Fluency:
1. Marathi and Hindi

1. 20,000 (depending on experience and industry standards)

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