Dilip Auti
Dilip Auti

Marketing Mastery

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Whenever we talk about marketing to any businessman or an entrepreneur, he/she first thinks of the cost that it will incur without measureable results. However, marketing despite its cost implication remains one of the most important aspects that one can’t ignore. Today, we all know the significance of marketing in any sector or field of work. Marketing mastery comes from building relations with people, analysing market channels, market surveys, competition analysis and many more factors. It’s all about establishing brand in the market and increasing sales Mr Dilip Auti will give a different perspective towards marketing. Keeping businesses and its size in mind every business needs marketing that is pocket friendly and ultimately uplifting sales. This program will evaluate market scenarios and customer needs as per businesses and will help design a good & feasible marketing plan. Mr Dilip Auti will highlight key information areas that can help businesses & Entrepreneurs understand marketing performance.

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