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Photographer & Videographer – Male only

Full Job Description.
Job Summery:
As a Photographer, you will be responsible for capturing and producing high-quality
photographs that align with the creative vision and requirements of the organization or clients.
As a Video Editor, you will be responsible for assembling recorded footage into compelling
and seamless videos that align with the creative vision of the project.

1. Plan and execute photo shoots according to project requirements and artistic direction.
2. Operate and maintain photography equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting, and
other accessories.
3. Use artistic and compositional skills to frame and capture visually appealing images.
4. Edit, retouch, and enhance photos using photo editing software to ensure high-quality
5. Collaborate with clients, or other team members to understand project goals and deliver
on the creative vision.
6. Stay updated with industry trends, techniques, and new technologies to continually
improve photography skills.
7. Manage and organize the post-production workflow, including storage and backup of
image files.
8. Prepare and present a portfolio of work to showcase skills and capabilities.

Experience and Qualifications:
1. Proven experience as a professional photographer with a strong portfolio of work.
2. Proficiency in using various types of cameras, lighting equipment, and photo editing
3. Solid knowledge of photography techniques, composition, and visual storytelling.
4. Strong attention to detail and ability to work creatively and collaboratively in a team
5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with clients and team
members effectively.
6. Ability to work under deadlines and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
7. Flexibility to adapt to different shooting environments as per companies’ events,
programs, sessions, and seminars.

Job Type:
1. Full time

1. Paid sike time

1. Day shit

1. Minimum three years of experience as a personal driver.

1. For office purpose travelling is mandatory for every event, program, session, and

Language Fluency:
1. Marathi and Hindi

20,000 (depending on experience and industry standards)

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