Dilip Auti
Dilip Auti
Power Of Unity


The power of unity is known to all of us. But we often seem to forget it when it comes to individual success. This is unfortunate that most of us consider our success as a personal property, and others are not involved in it.

This is why, even your dream and your success does not belong to you alone. Even though you work hard towards your dream, there are people who are working behind the scenes to make sure that you are able to give your 100 percent. Want examples? I will give you some.

You are studying in school so that you can have good education; your parents are slogging to pay for the fees and provide for you. You are working hard at your office. It is a question of your career; your spouse back home frees you of petty domestic problems so that you can give your hundred percent.

You missed your child’s birthday party as you were busy in an important business meeting. It was very important for the child, but she still smiles and hugs you.

Do you think that it is possible without unity? Don’t you feel that these people are doing their bit so that YOU can be successful? And so, unity plays an important role, even if we are talking about your personal success. So, it is your responsibility to maintain unity if you really wish to be a success in life.

But there is unity with someone else as well that will play a much bigger role. It is so because this someone else is a mysterious partner in your success. The dream that has taken seed in your mind is a manifestation of your purpose in life. You have been sent on this earth to fulfill that particular purpose by God. Now when the purpose of your life and the dream is given by God, don’t you think that he is your biggest ally and partner in your success?

If you open any religious scripture, you will find that the unity with God is always stressed upon. It is said that God plus one is majority. So, even if during the pursuit of your dream, you find yourself lonely (and you just might), you still have the support of the Almighty, only if you are united with him. Only when mankind is united we are befittingly respecting and showing reverence to God.

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