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Transformation From Struggling Farmer to Successful Entrepreneur

Client's Background

The client is a farmer from a small village in Maharashtra.
After completing her 12th standard education in economics, she started farming as a means of livelihood.

Client's Challenge

In 2009, The client started her own vegetable and crop farm called “Sai Samruddhi Ropvatika.” Despite her hard work, the business struggled to take off, and she was only able to make between 5 to 10 lac rupees per year. The client was unsure about how to run a successful business, and the economic situation was not in her favor. Before joining Dilip Auti sir’s “Business Sanjivani” session, the client faced many challenges. She struggled a lot because of many problems and a lack of guidance.

Our Solution

After joining the session, the client’s life changed drastically. The “Business Sanjivani” session helped the client change her mindset and start thinking positively. She learned how to manage distractions and focus on growing her business. With the guidance of Dilip Auti sir and his team, the client was able to 10x her business and achieve her goals.
She was able to purchase her own home, land, and a Bolero pick-up truck. She also expanded her business by setting up a new nursery on 1.5 acres of land. The client is grateful to Dilip Auti sir and his team for their guidance and support. She believes that without their help, she would not have been able to achieve her success. The client now lives a fulfilling life and continues to run her business with a positive attitude and a growth mindset.

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