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Stagnant business to scalable growth

Client's Background

The client, a highly educated individual with an MBA, had a strong academic and professional background. She had previously worked as a lecturer and was also a founder member of a book publishing house in Pune. Coming from a family with a strong educational background, she was driven to make a difference in the business world and
create employment opportunities.

Client's Challenge

In 2012, she ventured into the business world as a residential segment partner for the globally renowned brand. Her initial years in business were promising, but between 2017 and 2021, her growth stagnated, leaving her puzzled and unable to determine the reasons behind the lack of progress. One of the key issues she faced was employee management, and she often found herself hesitant to make bold decisions due to fear.

Our Solution

Seeking a breakthrough and guidance, the client had the opportunity to join a Business Bharari session facilitated by Mr. Dilip Auti sir. This session aimed to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to overcome challenges and achieve success. Through her engagement with Mr.Dilip Sir, the client experienced a significant transformation in her mindset and approach to her business. Dilip Sir helped her identify and set clear goals, which had previously been lurking in her subconscious mind.
This newfound clarity enabled her to envision the path to success.
Dilip Sir’s guidance instilled self-belief within her and eliminated the fear that had been holding her back. The client realized that her goal wasn’t just about driving her business forward, but it was also about freeing herself from the fear that hindered her progress.

The client expressed her gratitude towards Mr.Dilip Sir and Komal Mam, recognizing them as exceptional business coaches who had gone the extra mile to create a program that delved into the core of business while incorporating metaphysical and spiritual aspects. She believed that this unique approach set them apart from other coaches in the world. The client’s mindset underwent a complete shift, and she felt empowered to establish her own brand and increase her business’s ticket size.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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