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Business Transforms From a Self-Employment Firm to a Professional Business

Business Transforms From a Self-Employment Firm to a Professional Business

Client's Background

The Client’s background as a commerce graduate and experience in the stockbroking industry helped him start his broking firm, which he later merged with Unnati Investments. Unnati Investments primarily focuses on creating investment and trading portfolios for its clients to help them achieve financial freedom.

Client's Challenge

Before joining the Dilip Auti sir’s session, the Client’s business was a self-employment firm, which resulted in a lot of chaos and mess. After joining the Inner Circle Transformation session with Dilip Auti sir and his team, the client experienced a 360-degree change in his personal and professional life. He was able to transform his business from a self-employment firm to a professional business house within 12 months of joining Dilip Auti’s DK Mission Force.

Our Solution

The client’s achievements after joining the session include moving away from a state of stability to pursuing new goals and expanding his income. Additionally, his thought process became more positive and professional. The client has a high opinion of Dilip Auti sir, Komal Auti madam, and the entire Dilip Auti sir’s team, referring to them as a dedicated commando team. He believes that his success would not have been possible without them.

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