Dilip Auti
Dilip Auti

Business Coaching For Hospitals & Medical Industries


Business Coaching For Hospitals & Medical Industries

Client's Background

The client is a graduate and was in a financially marginal condition before he joined Dilip Auti’s sessions “Business Sanjivani” & “Inner Circle Transformation”. He also messed up with multiple distractions which need to be managed with proper guidance and support.

Client's Challenge

The client was working professionally as an employee with another hospital. He has limited earnings and an employee mindset.

Our Solution

After joining the business “Sanjivani Program” and “Inner Circle Program” the client was getting support from Dilip Auti. He worked on the client’s mindset, behavior, and working pattern, and also break the existing working network orbit He guided how to build the ecosystem and education about the establishment and execution of the business with proper handholding. The client benefited greatly from his interactions with team Dilip Auti & DK Mission Force during this process. Result: Within 12 months after completing the program, our client now operates two hospitals in India. His kids are taking higher education in well-known institutes. He has upgraded his lifestyle. His most recent project has employed around 60 people and is working on plans to expand their facility.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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